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Registered NPA or something other than Libertarian?  That's okay too.  Join out of the area Libertarians and still have fun promoting liberty with the LPHC?  

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Consider Running For Office:  We are organized both to educate the voters in county, and to help our candidates win their elections.  If you are an LPF member and want to run for office please contact us sooner than later.  We have several candidate training events in the region each quarter, and we would love to support you in your efforts to make a difference. Let us know by sending an email to Campaign@HillsboroughLibertarians.org    

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The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County is the official Hillsborough County affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Florida, the third largest Political Party in Florida.  It is one of the most continuously active affiliates in the state with over 2400 registered Libertarians Voters. We also reach out to the over 230,000 other third party and no party affiliated voters of Hillsborough County. Interested residents are invited to attend meetings and events to learn more about the party and become involved in local activities. We are dedicated to the ideals of liberty, freedom and limited government.  While we may differ on the details, we agree that the current governments, national, state and local, are too big, too expensive and too intrusive.                      
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