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LPHC Executive Committee


Vice Chair

Carolyn Hartman [email protected]
Make sure everything that you do has purpose and is done with a purpose.  Take pride in what you do. If it is necessary, change your attitude in order to create a situation in which you have a sense of pride in your work. If your work just isn't giving you the sense of accomplishment you seek, search until you find something that will.



Campaign Committee Chair

Communications Committee Chair

Development Committee Chair

Membership Committee Chair

Susan Stanley  |  [email protected]

Susan brings to us her 25+ years of experience with people and business management from both the corporate and the non-profit worlds. She has over three decades of practical experience with recruiting, training, and managing large teams of both employees and volunteers.  Susan serves as the Membership Chairperson for the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County [LPHC], volunteers at the state level with the Libertarian Party of Florida [LPF] , is the Florida Ambassador for Ladies Turning To Liberty [LTTL] and the Region 2 Representative for the National Organization of Libertarian Women [NOLW].  During this 2016 Presidential Election Susan serves as the Florida Region 2 Manager serving 14 counties across central FL on the JohnsonWeld2016 Campaign.  She has a passion for defending personal liberties and the individuals right to access the information necessary to make a conscious choice that works best for themselves. When not working with these groups Susan can be found spending her time helping others to find personal tranquility along the path of balance and nutrition for body, mind, heart and soul at SoulSmarts Academy.

Political Action Committee

Laura Sant iago  |  [email protected]

Laura holds a MA in International Business with a focus on Global Management and New Venture Creation.
Laura's professional experience includes serving as a consultant for small to medium enterprises within the international trade field.   She has performed groundwork in France, Hungary and China.
In 2013, Laura started a not-for-profit organization named Yellow for Endo, to raise awareness of endometriosis.