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Our Hillsborough Libertarian's Calendar is an inclusive calendar.  This means in includes all the meetings and activities of our LPHC,  as well as information about our Region 8 Libertarian Events (Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco, Polk and Pinellas),  Libertarian Party of FL events like convention and other affiliate's activities when we have received an invitation to attend.  

Additional events also included on this one-stop calendar include invitations to other Hillsborough area meetings, events, causes, liberty focused events, socials and ways we can connect to other liberty-minded individuals, outreach to NPAers, and candidate forums.  


Click button above to get tickets, let us know if you are bringing guests, and more.  THANX

Hillsborough Libertarian recommending monthly donation is the same as the date of the meeting.  

Donate $15 for the August 15th meeting
on-online this month or bring to the meeting.

Next Monthly Meeting:   Tuesday, October 17th   6:30- 9:00 pm  
Windmill Taphouse   116 N. Kings Ave,  Brandon, FL  33510


The LPHC Community meets 
monthly on the 3rd Tuesdays
at the Windmill Taphouse
116 N. Kings Ave  Brandon, FL  33510.

6:00 - 6:30  Set-up

6:30 - 7:00  Check-in and Networking

7:00 Membership Mtg  
   Libertarian 101
   Call to Order & Welcome     

   Attendance and Quorum
   Business Mtg Reports / votes
   Agenda Motions (old biz/new biz)
   Motions from the floor (time permitting)
   Announcements & Volunteer Ops
   Closing Statements

8:15  Open Discussion / Projects

9:00  Meeting Adjourn

You're Invited:   to Social Time that
sometimes follows at Babe's Pizza across the street or at the Ale House on Adamo Drive.