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Libertarian Voters
in Hillsborough, FL

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  • I live in Hillsborough County, FL
  • I am a registered Libertarian Voter [LPF] in Hillsborough County
  • I agree with the LPHC Non-Aggression Principle

 “I do not believe in or advocate for the initiation of
force as a means of achieving political
or social goals."

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  • I live in Hillsborough County, FL but not a Libertarian voter
  • I am registered as a Libertarian voter; but not in Hillsborough County.
  • I want to be a vendor, sponsor, presenter or participate in an event.
  • I want to be an informed voter and LPHC puts out great information.
  • I just want to support all the good work the LPHC does each week

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If you enjoy being connected to the WINNERS CIRCLE then these are the subcommittees for YOU.  
Search & Vet:  potential candidates, Phones & Canvass: meet the voters

Sign-waves & Booths: out in public
Town Hall meetings, debates & forums:
host parties and more
Social Media:
create and share posts
written and video interviews

Membership Team builds community internally (member to member) and externally (outreaching in our community).   They ensure that we have the teammates necessary to travel the entire race and to cross the finish line (the election) into the winner circle (being active in the elected position) Hillsborough Socials: fun get togethers
Region Representatives:  connecting neighbors Outreach Booths:  to various public events,
Libertarianism 101:  Educational Public Outreach 

The Donations provide the FUEL to make our race engine GO!  The more fuel we have available; the more options we have to do great things. The more volunteers,  the cleaner & faster our engine runs.

Budget Committee: effective and responsible
regular donations from LPF voters.
Large Donors: individuals & business sponsors
In-Kind:  Fulfilling our wish list of items

Annual Event:  Large fund raising event

Meeting Activities:  games and fun things to encourage financial participation at each event.

Along our race track the Social Media Team represents the voices over the loud system. These volunteers assist us with BRANDING the Hillsborough Libertarians externally.
Facebook:   Posting, sharing, & moderating
Twitter: keeping news in front of our viewers

Instagram: Fun Memes of us in action

Our writers are the score board.  This is a visual place where anyone can go at any time to see whats current and look at archives.
BLOG: Write weekly on LP topic of your choice
PRESS RELEASE: Get us in the news ! 
Letters to the Editors:encourage comments
To the Officials: provide voters with guidance.
Newsletter: to our members & supporters

If you enjoy any form of racing from Nascar  to motocross you know the value of the live stream and recordings on your DVR.  
Livestream:  at events and meetings

Editing Crew: creating the show

YouTube Team: managing our acct and viewers

Stable Sounds: our audio for events