JOIN in the LPHC Fun

We welcome members and supporters alike.

Libertarian registered voters who reside in Hillsborough County
are eligible to become Active Members of the Libertarian Party of 
Hillsborough County [LPHC]. 

Membership has its privileges. Active LPHC Members get
to play an active role in making decisions for our county
affiliate of the Libertarian  
Party Of Florida  [LPF].  
They are eligible to be elected (or appointed) into 
positions within the LPHC; as subcommittee leaders, 
committee leaders, and even as members of the LPHC Executive

LPHC members receive discounts (even greater than 
the supporters discounts) to certain events and items 
throughout the year and even exclusive access to 
LPHC Members Only Events.   

We understand that no individual, corporation, or government has
the right to force others to pay - Taxation Is Theft.   Therefor your 
membership with LPHC is FREE and has no dues or fees.  However, 
we do have expenses and we do support local political efforts
and Libertarian Candidates.  Our goal is to raise $500 per month.
If you can assist us with that effort, please consider
joining the membership with a recurring contribution.  
Thank you for your support.

As the Libertarian Party continues to be the fastest growing third party many folks are interested in learning more.  The LPHC opens most of our meeting to our supporters and the local public.

We invite you to become one of our supporters today.  Our LPHC supporters are often invited to become members of various committees, receive our newsletters, welcome to LPHC educational opportunities and even receive discounts (although lesser than members) to items and events.

If you are a Libertarian Business Owner or your business is interested in supporting our Libertarian Efforts we invite you to get listed in our annual Libertarian Business Directory.

If you are a registered Libertarian Voter within Florida but outside of our county please sign up as a LPHC FAMILY Member.

If you are a registered [LP] Libertarian Voter outside of FL, please sign up as an LPHC EXTENDED FAMILY Member.

If you are a LOCAL SUPPORTER who is here in Hillsborough County but not wishing to register as LPF.  (i.e. NPA, Independents, etc) we look forward to promoting Liberty together with you soon.

We look forward to connecting with you where ever we can.