Please take these
4  Simple Steps
and become a part of
the Libertarian Solution

1) REGISTER as a Libertarian Voter in Hillsborough County. Click HERE (pdf) 

2) JOIN  Become a member of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County. Click HERE.

3) GET ACTIVE  Volunteer and be involved. Click HERE 

4)  SHARE Invite others to an event with you. click HERE

How do we restore Liberty to the people of Hillsborough County?

    As government, at every level, grows increasingly intrusive and abusive yet less unwilling
and less capable to execute its actual responsibilities, the need for a new party, one rooted in
liberty and the rights of the individual and the states, becomes more crucial.

   Every one of us who understands the principles of liberty is needed to stand and stand now.
Together, we can build a political party capable of electoral victory – capable of reforming
politics at every level. Working together, we have the skills and abilities.

  We need YOU to become involved. It is the RESPONSIBILITY of every citizen to protect and defend the rights enumerated in the Constitution. Above are the 4 SIMPLE STEPS steps to connect you to Libertarian Party Of Hillsborough County. Please take a few moments to become a part of the Libertarian Solution.

  This is OUR TIME to stand for freedom. Let history record that we united when called to Liberty's defense.

Yours in Liberty:
  ~ The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party Of Hillsborough County

Working together in the LPHC to spread smaller government and protect personal liberties.

Help at Monthly Meetings

Welcome Table              
LPHC Store                   
Presenter Support Team

Audio Visual Team
WE NEED MANY HANDS  - if you plan to come to our meetings why not show up a few mins early and help out.

Audio/Video Team
We have plenty of opportunities to record interviews, attend and comment on meetings and events, be on the street reporters speaking about what is going on for that affects our Hillsborough residents.   Join the Audio/Visual Team to help record, edit, prepare, and post for the LPHC.

Communications Team
Includes Newsletters, Txt Msgs, Website, Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, Live Stream, Press Releases, Letters to the Editors, and more.

ACTIVists Team

If you like standing up for our LIBERTY that we have a great team of Libertarians for you to connect with.  Gather for sign making. Participate at Hillsborough Board meetings and marches.  Stand Up and Speak Up.
We look forward to joining forces with you.

Outreach Team

Attends festivals, Gun Shows, and other events out in the community to share about the Libertarian Principles and invite people to explore the LPHC.  We do this based on a simple 10 question quiz.  All the supplies are ready.  Simply select and event and have a good time.

Social Media Team
If you enjoy social media and like sharing on the Libertarian Message and what is going on locally than this is the place for you to help out. This is a subcommittee under the Communications Chair.  email:

Fund Raising Development Team

Join the Party Planning for our annual auction and speaker meeting.  The Auction committee needs volunteers to donate items, solicit donations and sponsors, to be creative with invitations and decorations, people to assist with speaker, MC and auctioneer coordination, catering and meal tickets, set-up and clean up and so much more.   Join the Party Planning team now.  

Interested in a bit more "behind the scenes". Help with our direct mail fund raising efforts. 

This style of fundraising is the act of describing something that needs to be done, saying how much it costs, and asking people if they value the proposed project enough to help pay for it. Tell us you will help today. email