At the

116 N. Kings Ave., Brandon 33510  6:30 pm  Libertarians Check-in
7-9 pm Meeting open to the public

NOTE:  Bryan Zemina, Libertarian Candidate for FL House 58 (north east Hillsborough County) should be stopping by to meet you and answer any questions.

Share Your Opinion

Several people are interested in participating more but are finding it difficult to physically attend our meetings.  I am considering bringing the business meetings online to encourage more participation with the business and allow more time to socialize and discuss when we get together in person.  

By acknowledging your agreement with our Non-Aggression Principle and by being an LPF Voter who is registered with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections you are eligible to cast a vote in this poll.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

Monthly Business Meeting   August 15  

6:30 Hillsborough Libertarian Check-in and Social      
        Hillsborough Libertarian Suggested Donation of $15      DONATE ONLINE HERE 

7:00 Open to the Public     Suggested guest donation  $5.00
7:15 Call To Order

        Attendance and Quorum

Opening Statement:

         The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL is a registered political committee organized to             solicit candidates to run for office, to sponsor ballot referendum, to organize for ordinance,                    charter, statute changes, and more.  We receive and rely on voluntary contributions and                        donations where strings are not attached.  We spend these funds for these above efforts in                    compliance with known law. 

         We are dedicated to the ideals of liberty, freedom and limited government.  While we may differ             on the details, we agree that the current national, state and local governments are too bit, too               expensive and too intrusive.  We seek to work together to improve this situation and return the           people to more liberty and freedom as is described by our US Constitution and founding                      documents.


               Secretary Approval of Prior Minutes 

               Treasurer's Report
               Membership Team Report
               Campaign Team Report

               Political Action Team Report

               Communications Report

Old Business:  

New Business:

       Motion   I, Susan Stanley, having received a request to resign as soon as a replacement can be           found from our current Vice Chairman, Eric Owen, move to seek nominations for a new Vice                 Chair effective immediately in order to hold an election to replace his service position,  such that           we can accept his resignation.

      Motion  I Susan Stanley, as LPHC Chairperson have removed Kevin O'Neill from the role as                 Development Committee Chair and have appointed Kevin O'Neill as the Acting Campaign Chair           such that he can handle the FL House District 58 Special Election.  I seek to have the members           have an opportunity to vote Kevin O'Neill officially into the Campaign Chairperson's position or not.       Therefore I, Susan Stanley, move that the LPHC seek nominations for the now vacant                            Development Chair and to  hold a Special Election on September 19th to address the 3 positions          of Vice Chair, Development Committee Chair, and Campaign Chair.

        Motion  I, Kevin O'Neill, having vetted this candidate as the acting chairperson of the Candidate           committee move to endorse current Candidate for FL House District 58, Bryna Zemina beginning         on Monday, August 21st, provided no other Libertarian Candidate steps up to run against him by           the filing deadline of Weds August 16th at noon.

        Motion   I, Susan Stanley, move to shift the Outreach door-to-door canvasing of LPF Voters from
        the current area based around Brandon and Riverview to the LPF Members in District 58 as                 soon as Bryan Zemina has rack cards or something that we can distribute to support his efforts.


Sad News - It is with a heavy heart that I share that our fellow Libertarian Friends from up in               northern FL  share the loss of their 5 day old baby to SIDS.   We feel their loss.  A card is                       available to sign here this evening.   Donations to Brandi Hicks and Ryan Ramsey's baby                     Xander's Fund can be made here

GRATEFUL  note:   Kevin O'Neill and Bryan Zemina  have been working nearly non-stop since       Monday August 7th to react to the short term notice of the Special Election in December for FL            House Seat for District 58 in North East Hillsborough County.   They found love and support from         many Libertarians. and have a special shout out of gratitude to Josh Knezinek for his extreme             gesture support.  Regardless of the outcome, the experience and the knowledge gained have             been worth it already.

EXCITING NEW VOLUNTEER NEWS:  Jason Carter has volunteered to be our Social Media Coordinator.   Susan Stanley, Chairperson   and Travis Brace, Communications Chair, will be meeting with him soon to discuss the new social   media strategies.    Get involved with this new and exciting Social Media Team today.

On a PROUD note:   It is with great pleasure that we share that our very own Susan Stanley, is stepping down this year as the FL State Chair of NOLW as she has been elected the
National Chairperson for the National Organization of Libertarian Women.   We are so fortunate to have a personal connection at the National Level and all of the training and networking that comes with her new position.   She is actively recruiting to find a new FL State Chairwoman to help her get women more included and involved in politics.   The NOLW's current projects include kids day camp during the LP National Convention in New Orleans June 30-July 3, 2018, an interactive booth of Libertarian Leaders and Candidates in the Vendors Section and hosting the Women's Leadership Panel one evening of the convention.  They are currently creating a print magazine issue to be distributed at the convention.    Susan is also currently collecting Libertarian women's stories including why they became Libertarian, what living the #LibertarianLife means in their home, and if they have ever run for office a bit about that experience and what they would share with the women who are considering running for office in the future.         Susan can be contacted for these efforts at   

Many thanks to Travis Brace ~ the VOLUNTEER of the MONTH ~ who has been learning Libertarianism, marching with banners, helping people complete the 10 question quizzes, taking pictures with his fancy camera for us not to mention helping to get our website upgraded a bit, and spent a Tuesday night learning about knocking on doors to get signatures for a potential candidate to get on the ballot and smiles and enjoys all the fun.    WOW TRAVIS !   You are quite the inspiration.

Volunteer Opportunities

LPHC Vice Chairperson  (Eric is stepping down - assists Chairperson)
LPHC Development Director (vacant - collects voluntary donations from Libertarians)
LPHC Campaign Chair  (currently acting chair - Kevin O'Neill)

Audio Visual Team needs people NOW !!
Writers:  for our blog and newsletters

Canvassers to go door to door
Phone Callers to invite Libertarian Voters to our events
Speakers: to speak for LPHC at county and city meetings on current issues

Region Representatives:  Region Rep Job Description.  Is your area one of them?

HubSpot Data Base:  Help us track all the data.  Reports directly to the Chair

SOCIAL EVENT HOSTS - plan an event to invite the LPHC to (bowling, skating, pizza, drinks)

Volunteers are needed on every committee. 

August 26th        Tubing Rainbow River and Picnic
September 2-4    Canvassing Plant City (leaving door hangers)
September 5th    Leaders and Executive Team Meeting
September 16th  Leadership Training in Tampa

September 19th   Members Business Meeting
      **  more events and details can be found  HERE 


Each person on these committees play an important role in protecting our people's freedom and liberties.  Some are volunteering their limited time on a sub-committee and some are activist and at meetings and speaking out.  Some are funders and some are our fans in the stands where we can count on their votes at the polls.     In all cases, each of us are responsible to make our best efforts to work as a group for the success of our mission.   If you have already stepped up, thank you.  If you are waiting for an invitation to do so, - we invite you to do so now.   Donate your passion, your enthusiasm, your time, your skills and your funds towards our worth while mission today.   Get involved at     

Motions to be made to the body of Hillsborough can be written in Robert's Rules of Order fashion and emailed to the    A  FORM will be available on the website soon.

Robert's Rules of Order Help Sheet