Agenda for March 21st, 2020 Business Meeting


Join the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL for our regular business meeting 1:00 PM on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 at

Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of political affiliation (or lack there of). Our focus is the advancement of liberty within our local communities through activism, events, and Libertarian political candidates. Are you a Hillsborough Libertarian yet cannot physically attend the event; be sure to join us on Zoom.

 .  Cannot attend yet still want to support the party?  Become a LPHC Voting Member, join in the discussions, share photos, and more via our LPHC app, and please consider contributing to our success by making a Donation.

This gathering will start with a meet and greet at 1:00 PM so that we can welcome our new members and get to know each other better, learn what is important to each of us.  This will help us to facilitate making streamlined decision that are best for local party.

Location:    LPHC Headquarters   6716 N. 19th Street, Tampa, FL  33610

Call to Order

Determination of Quorum – 4 voting members present

Approval and Adoption of Agenda

Officer Reports can be found online from our LPHC Delegate Group 

Chair Report – Susan Stanley

Vice-Chair Report – Chris Kuyatt

Secretary Report – Kevin O'Neill

Treasurer Report – Kevin O'Neill

Committee Reports - Susan Stanley


Bryan Zemina:  LPF Convention review and Region 8
Samantha Broaderick:  SB 1206
Aly Legge:  SB 46, 64, 208

Nivine Zakhari:  LPF Membership and volunteering at the state level

Old Business

New Business

  • Floor motions

  • Open discussion

9:00 – Adjourn for Social Hour

11:00 – Venues Close