Campaign Team is BUSY

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November 21st     Join us for Drinks and Discussions at the Windmill Taphouse in Brandon as we support Bryan Zemina (L) for FL House District 58  (Thononotosassa, Plant City, Seffner, Mango, Dover, Temple Terrace)." target="_blank">

Discussing Tallahassee Ideas with Real Candidates

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Bryan Zemina a candidate for FL House sits and listens to Chris H, a member of our #HillsboroughLibertarians after the Turn2Liberty Rant Night on Tell Tallahassee what you think topic. 

LPHC Members enjoyed throwing balls at the speakers on stage, speaking on stage and sharing rants, and even enjoying a beer or kombucha (or two) at the Windmill Taphouse while they attended this Turn2Liberty Grassr...

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Zemina switches from NPA to LPF for YOUR LIBERTIES

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Bryan Zemina, a life long Tampa Bay resident and young professional, saw the opening for the FL House District 58 and has decided to step-up to the plate. After all, he is an experienced and trophy winning amateur league baseball player. Bryan has been known to stay out late talking politics with friends at the bar (Does this sound like YOU?) and to post about politics on his social media prof...

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Special Election ~ FL House District 58

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Just last month, you may have remembered this graphic of a vacant Florida Senate seat that was not contended by our LPF Affiliate in Miami. The message then was, 'we need to organize here so that if this opportunity lands in our laps, we can capitalize on the opportunity.'  Well Folks, as of 8/1/17, IT LANDED HERE.

Florida House Rep. Dan Raulerson in Florida...

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Are YOU That Libertarian?

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Often, much relevant experience can be gained volunteering on local government boards and at Not For Profits too.

LPHC has a goal of building our members up to be superior citizens, experienced in government and capable of winning elections for public office. LPHC is building membership and engaged volunteers in our community these next couple years, with the plan of fielding experienced c...

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