LPF July 15 Motions with LPHC Response

Posted by HillsboroughLP on July 13, 2018 at 4:45 PM

The LP Florida [] Executive Meeting is this Sunday, July 15th.   Although the Official Agenda is not yet available our At-Large Representative, Greg Peele (Orange County)  has submitted his review and anticipated votes on his page  HERE.

The following is a copy of his text (as of July 13th at 4:45 pm) along with our Chairperson's comments.  Our Chairperson, Susan Stanley can be reached via text at 813-900-5994 or at between now and the actual meeting. 

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Director's Cut - July 15, 2018 LPF EC Meeting

By Greg Peele, LPF Director At-Large 3

Hi all, time to review party business for the LPF Executive Committee on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

We have some interesting business on the docket this Sunday. The official agenda isn't out yet, but I wanted to start discussion.

What do you think?

The opinions presented here are my own and do not represent the Libertarian Party of Orange County nor the Libertarian Party of Florida.

Note: this is an unofficial list of motions since the official agenda isn't out yet. However several of these motions are pretty significant so I wanted to start getting feedback.

Note: a number of motions were submitted Thursday, two days after the normal cutoff. Given the odd nature of the meeting (canceled and then un-canceled, with committee chairs not necessarily being aware of this), the business of the LNC Convention, and the time sensitive nature of some of the late motions, I'm inclined to accept adding them to the agenda this time since they were submitted on a good faith basis.

Hillsborough Chairperson's Comments:
Thank you for continuing to provide such detailed review to us as an At-Large Representative of the LPF. As the current chairperson of the Hillsborough County I respectfully provide (expecting no adjustments from you) the following response.

I agree with most everything you stated with the following noted below in blue.

Susan Stanley, Chairperson
Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL 
Region 8.

Motions Submitted on Time

Motion to Affiliate Santa Rosa County - Aye

Text: I move that the LPF accept Santa Rosa as a county affiliate.

Analysis: Obviously. Congratulations to Spenser, Ed, and Julia for setting this up.

Motion to Affiliate Duval County - Aye

Text: I move to affiliate Duval County, Florida. LPF Secretary Brandi Hicks has all documentation.

Analysis: Obviously. Congratulations to DL, Addison, Ben, and the rest of the Duval crew for solving the audit issue.

Motion To Reimburse Treasurer for Out of Pocket Expenses - Consider Aye

Text: I move to reimburse the Treasurer for out of pocket expenses incurred by the Treasurer in the carrying out of the normal duties of the office.

Analysis: Assuming the motion is amended to specify the dollar amount and the types of expenses, this should hopefully be simple and routine. 

Hillsborough Chairperson's Comments:
Details of the reimbursements to the LPF Treasurer and how they support the LPF and how often these are to be reimbursed with a maximum /time period. We do not want to later discover that we are covering the personal printer's ink cost etc and have to deal with that. To prevent this, detailed records are required and should be available individually for denial or even pre-approval.

Motion to Provide Process for Stopping Recurring Donations - Aye

Text: I move that the LPF Treasurer and Communications Committee develop a process for fully processing stop requests of recurring donations within 5 business days and to temporarily suspend accepting recurring donations until such process is in place and functioning.

Mover's Description: While the LPF clearly desires and prefers recurring donations over one-time donations, we have had recurring problems over a period of years with stopping such donations when the donor requests. It has been stated that the process is complex with many moving parts. However, it is unfair for the LPF to ask donors to give monthly unless, at the same time, we can honestly assure them of their ability to stop such donations at their will. It appears to be fairly normal to take several months for the LPF to process stop requests. As this type problem has continued for more than a year without resolution, it would be dishonest, disrespectful, and counter-productive to continue to request or accept recurring donations until we can do so in good faith. Five business days appears to be a reasonable and normal time-frame for a transaction of this nature to be processed.

Here is a link to an article about Hillary Clinton's never-ending recurring donations for her presidential campaign: It illustrates how not expeditiously handling recurring donation stoppages can backfire on the recipient. 

Analysis: While hopefully stopping recurring donations isn't something we have to do a lot, we absolutely need to be able to do so when donors request it as a basic courtesy.

Motion to Approve Marc Golob Fundraising Contract - Aye

Text: I move to approve the fundraising contract with Martin D. "Marc" Golob as amended and signed on 5/26/2018.

Analysis: Now that the EC has had the chance to review the final amended contract, there's no reason to dilly dally on this.

Motion to Cancel Daytona Beach Convention Contract - Consider Aye

Text: On behalf of the Convention Committee, I move to authorize cancellation of the 2019 convention contract with the Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center at no cost to the Libertarian Party of Florida, and to authorize the Convention Committee to evaluate proposals for a new convention contract to recommend to the Executive Committee for approval.

Analysis: As with the original motion to approve this contract, I defer strongly to the recommendations of the Convention Committee on convention sites and management. It is my understanding the Convention Committee believes that the current contract is not ideal and in particular, a successful convention will likely exceed the available space (a maximum of 180 people, only slightly larger than the max attendance of Cocoa Beach). The Convention Chair has assured me that the contract can be canceled without any financial cost to the LPF, so I see no reason not to trust the Convention Committee's judgment.


Motion to Authorize $50 Social Media Budget per Unaffiliated County - Aye

Text: I move to authorize Region Representatives to expend up to $50 on social media advertising for each unaffiliated county in their region until May 1, 2019, to be reimbursed by the Treasurer under the following conditions:

The Region Representative presents a receipt to the Treasurer showing that the Region Representative (or at their written direction, an officer of the party) paid for social media advertisement(s) placed prior to May 1, 2019

The social media advertisement is placed on a public Libertarian Party of Florida page for an unaffiliated county in the Region Representative's Region, not to exceed $50 per county

The social media advertisement content promotes party recruiting or public events to recruit party members and organize an affiliate in the targeted county

Analysis: As part of studying the process for organizing new affiliates, I have realized that the party officials tasked with this job - the Region Representatives - lack any resources from the party to do so. After considering other options such as mailers, I decided to propose a social media budget with the Facebook unaffiliated county pages (e.g. "Levy County Libertarians" or "Walton County Libertarians." Social media is a cost effective first approach to reach people - a $10 advertisement targeted wisely can reach 400-800 people that may potentially become Libertarian activists; if even 1% of them respond you may be able to organize an affiliate. Social media ads also have the benefit that they do NOT rely on our CRM to find contacts, which is a huge benefit until we are able to address the CRM issues. I strongly believe we should give our leaders the tools they need to succeed. This is a first step. 

Note that we currently have 39 unaffiliated counties, so the maximum liability to the party is $1,950.00.

Motion to Reimburse Region Representatives for Organizational Meetings in Unaffiliated Counties - Consider Aye

Text: I move to authorize Region Representatives to expend up to $50 on necessary expenses, other than social media advertising, for each unaffiliated county for an organizing meeting in their region until May 1, 2019, to be reimbursed by the Treasurer under the following conditions:

The Region Representative presents a receipt to the Treasurer showing that the Region Representative (or at their written direction, an officer of the party) paid for mailings (if any) to LPF voters in the unaffiliated county sent prior to May 1, 2019.

Notice of any meeting is placed on a public Libertarian Party of Florida page for an unaffiliated county in the Region Representative's Region, and placed on the LPF calendar.

The Region Representative presents a receipt to the Treasurer showing that the Region Representative (or at their written direction, an officer of the party) paid for expense(s) directly relating to holding an affiliate organizational meeting in the targeted county.

Analysis: This motion is similar to the previous one, but instead authorizes mailers and actual meeting costs such as reserving the event venue. I tentatively agree with this idea as well. We can't expect the Region Representatives to be successful if they are expected to pay out-of-pocket for official party business. We want to incentive Region Representatives to do the job mandated to them in the Constitution. I do think that $50 is probably not sufficient for mailers except in the smallest counties when carefully targeted, but I see no reason to rule out using such an approach. 

Note that we currently have 39 unaffiliated counties, so the maximum liability to the party is $1,950.00. 

Motions Submitted After Deadline

Hillsborough Chairperson's Comments:
See the above regarding this reimbursement as well. It does not seem appropriate to spend LPF Funds on purchasing personal food or beers at the event. Possibly travel expense reimbursement 1 time per month or quarter based on the current IRS mileage rates. Each affiliate runs into this same expense of printing, copying, hospitality, advertising, etc. I think it would be better to have the Region Representative do much like an affiliate representative does, build relationships with local area representatives seeking a donation of either in-kind needed goods or services or a simple donation to help kick off the area's Libertarian Party Of Florida Affiliate. This gives them buy in as well as provides a practical way to get them involved right away.

I would be MORE IN FAVOR OF - the LPF providing a GL account for each Region Rep where such funds could be donated with the understanding that these funds would be used to jump start that county's affiliate.

Perhaps, the LPF could offer a one-time donation of $50 into each of those GL's to help support the Region Rep. This would allow the cost to the LPF to remain $1950. and provide a reimbursement approval needed to receive these funds.

Motion to Authorize $2,000 for Bill Weld Fundraising Dinner - Consider Aye

Text: A Motion to authorize a budget of up to $2,000 and the approval to organize a fundraising dinner with Bill Weld on the weekend of Aug 24-26 for the purpose of attracting and entertaining large donors and major volunteers in the state.

Mover's Description: Through meetings and interactions with National members at the LPCon in New Orleans we (the LPF) were approached with the possible opportunity for a fundraising opportunity in Miami on the weekend of Aug 24-26. Bill Weld will be attending the US Cannabis Convention & Expo and has potential availability to speak at an event if hosted and planned by the LPF. Likewise national campaign fundraisers and campaign workers will also be in attendance and would potentially be interested in helping work the event and donors to make allies in Florida for the upcoming 2020 Presidential race.

Analysis: I will set aside my own personal misgivings about Governor Weld for this motion. Whatever his other flaws may be, he is reputed to be an excellent fundraiser, and is certainly a high-profile member of the Libertarian Party likely to appeal to large donors, especially in the setting of a convention closely linked to the Libertarian Party's mission. Pending more details on the cost allocation and justification, I believe this could be a wise investment. The event will likely pay for itself, and even if not, the exposure and credibility it gives the LPF in the media and elsewhere may well be worth the price of admission. I do not see any reason to snub Governor Weld on this offer.

Motion to Authorize $5,000 to Clean Up CRM Database - Consider Aye

Text: A Motion to contract an individual or company for up to $5,000 to clean, update, correlate, and organize the state wide voter, membership, donor, and volunteer data from multiple sources as a first step to improving our database and outreach capabilities.

Mover's Description: This motion would authorize the expenditure of up to $5000 to an individual or company contracted to improve the data we have in our database. Currently we only track LPF data, and of that data only with in the last 2-3 years have we collected information like voter ID and matched it with our contacts. This process would take lists from presidential campaigns (3,000 Contacts), the National Database (est 15,000 contacts), the LPF Database (potentially 30,000 Contacts), and participating local affiliates data, and merge them together with voter information like Voter ID, Demographics, and Voting Frequency to make future efforts of outreach and fundraising easier at both the state and affiliate level. 

PS: If we are to find a cheaper (but still effective) solution outside of Nation Builder, it is imperative that we have clean and up to date data in order to test the effectiveness of any system. This first step potentially will make it so that we can find an interim solution to our data collection and management needs until a more robust system can be found and purchased through fundraising efforts.

Analysis: I agree with the mover's description. The described contact tasks sound fairly intensive. Though I would like to know what assumptions of man-hours and hourly rates went into this estimate, on the surface it sounds reasonable. I am far more willing to entertain this proposal than previous larger proposals since it is a fixed cost that results in a significant and necessary incremental benefit to the party's activities without committing to an annual ongoing cost, and this is a step we'll need to take regardless of any other decisions on a CRM we make later.

Hillsborough Chairperson's Comments:
As someone who has done this task multiple times, I agree it is teadious and boring. But $5k seems excessivly high.

Motion to Authorize $1,000 for August In-Person EC Meeting - Consider Nay

Text: A Motion to authorize up to $1,000 for meeting space, food/beverage, and AV needs to facilitate the LPF August in person Executive Committee Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Mover's Description: On behalf of the LPF EC, an adequate meeting space with the ability to host up to 50 people needs to be located and secured for the August meeting. This motion would authorize and operating and planning budget in order to facilitate meeting needs such as AV set up (including microphones, video streaming for EC members, conference call capabilities, and projectors). Typical spaces at smaller hotels or other venues cost on average $75-200, food catering (finger foods, sandwiches, etc) typically cost up to $400, and potential AV equipment (not already owned by the EC) could cost up to $400 for rental and setup. This motion would authorize spending and the ability to secure vendors. 

Analysis: To me, $1,000 seems downright ostentatious for an LPF EC meeting, particularly since the in-person meeting was decided by the Chair without EC input in the first place. If that is the only purpose for this meeting, then I see it as effectively lighting donor funds on fire - what is the return on investment? I see none. 

However, it is my understanding that we own appropriate A/V equipment due to a fairly significant expenditure on such things for the LPF Convention. That would already knock off $400. I also imagine most of the EC doesn't feel the need for $400 in catering - I'm just as happy having Jimmy John's delivered or something similarly cheap that I'm fine with paying out of pocket. That would leave $75-$200 for renting the venue space, which is more reasonable.

Finally, my criticism and vote are based on assuming this expense is solely for hosting the LPF EC business meeting. If Chair Miralles has additional goals for this meeting, such as fundraising with large donors, media attention, candidate promotion and exposure, and so on, that may warrant a larger expenditure to achieve those goals. I am open to reconsidering based on any of these justifications, if applicable.

Hillsborough Chairperson's Comments:
I agree with $1,000 for an LPF Annual Meeting as high. For that amount, it should be a retreat at an Air-B-n-B over a weekend where everyone brings foods to share - and PLENTY OF REAL WORK IS DONE. I know if it is simply a meeting of 50 people we have used bars and restaurants that can provide locations with food for less in Tampa Bay.

Motion for 15 Minutes of Discussion on an Executive Director Position - Aye

Text: A Motion to allow up to 15 minutes of discussion on the Necessity of hiring a full-time Executive Director for the LPF, and the requirements and tasks of such a position. 

Mover's Description: The position of Executive Director of an organization is an imperative one to drive growth in membership, volunteering, fundraising, and outreach. The positions of Executive Director is responsible for managing and maintaining the functionality of the organization and the relationships necessary for other members of the party to be successful in their duties. This position is not one of decision making, but rather drives the vision and opinions of the Party and Executive Committee. Typically, states that have hired Executive Directors have seen major growth in membership and large donations within the first 3 months. Normally, the day to day tasks of an ED include overseeing proper maintenance of the digital infrastructure, hosting meetings and events with major new donors and workers, overseeing the logistics of planning and coordination of events and tasks that don’t directly fall under a committee’s preview. Plus having a Full-Time Employee means that the LPF can take on interns (which means free work, for college credits by skilled and eager students) which will help us cover needed gaps like PR, IT, Data work, volunteer training, marketing, and someone will be able to answer phones!

Analysis: Since this is just discussion, and I believe it as a reasonable item to discuss, I have no issue approving said discussion. I do see the potential value in an Executive Director position to handle operational details outside of a decision making role. The LNC, and many other organizations, use such an Executive Director position as described. I will note, however, that I would not like to make such a large decision without the blessing of the full delegation - to establish the Executive Director position as a Constitutional or Bylaws position explicitly approved by the full LPF delegation at the next Convention.

Hillsborough Libertarian Party

If you are a member or a supporter of the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County FL you are invited to join the discussion in our closed on-line community at

2018 Chairperson, Susan Stanley
Can be reached via Txt at (813) 900 5994
or email via

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