Operation Meet My Libertarian Neighbors


  • To knock on the door of each and every Hillsborough Libertarian voter that we can. (over 2500 as of June 01, 2019.)  
  • To let them know that even though we have had limited resources in the past that we are here and we are active and we care about them.
  • To discover WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT to HILLSBOROUGH LIBERTARIANS to better focus our efforts.
  • To update our contact information and preferred method of connecting to our Hillsborough Libertarians.
  • To encourage their active participation in what ever fashion is best for them
  • To introduce our "Buy Your Party A Drink Each Month" campaign of recurring donations of $9/month and encourage them to participate.

Door to Door Canvassing of each of our Hillsborough Libertarians

1. Smile and introduce yourself as a fellow Hillsborough Libertarian.  

2.  Ask do you have just a moment to help us with a brief survey?
     If no, say thank you and leave them with a LPHC Postcard. If another time would be better - note that.  If they want you to leave them alone please update the data to reflect do not wish to volunteer and/or do not wish to donate as appropriate.

     If yes, say "thank you".    "As I am sure you know we have inadequate dollars and volunteer hours in the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL.   In an effort to best utilize these limited resources we are currently reaching out to our fellow Libertarian neighbors to discover what is MOST IMPORTANT to YOU currently."

3. Ask the survey questions?
    a. Will you share with me when and why you became a registered Libertarian? 
        (This helps them to get into the LIBERTARIAN mindset. It helps us to learn who our Local Libertarians are. Take notes if anything unique)

    b. What current issues are most important to you right now?
(update this data on the www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/join tab )

    c. You are not alone with these concerns. May we connect you with others locally with these same concerns? If so, what is your preferred method to be contacted?   text ___        on-line group___       phone msg ___      group email____  
(Our primary communication is thru text messaging and via our online group https://band.us/@lphillsborough  You can set up your profile to receive notifications on your cell, devise, or desktop if you desire.)

    d.  Would you be willing to assist us in making a difference in these areas by volunteering in some capacity?
(update this data on the www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/join tab )

    e.  Will you please consider supporting our active volunteers and efforts by setting up a recurring donation of only $9/mo to the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL?
(update this data on the www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate tab )

     f.  Would you be open to volunteering as an appointed position in either a city or county boards, running for a local or state public office or supporting a candidate who would?

     g.  We currently host monthly meetups revolving around "Learning Libertarianism" (edu), "Gabbing about Politics"  "The Feisty Rebellion"(political action), "Leadership/Business Meeting" (party biz), and "Voluntary Libertarianism (outreach). Do any of these resonate with you in particular?  Is there something else you would like to see added?  If so, what would that be? 

4. THANK YOU for your TIME !!  and say goodbye  and hope to see you at one of the next events.
Be sure to leave them with one of our LPHC postcards.

Yes I will help with this effort.

  1. Complete the Confidentiality Agreement Form here 
  2. Get your list of who to visit from Chair@HillsboroughLibertairans.org 
  3. Utilizing your smart devise please update the data as you go via our website join tab.   www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/join 
          Note: there is an option to say I do not wish to participate available - please click this after you leave them so we know not to recontact this person.
  4. If they wish to make a donation please assist them in doing so via our website donate tab. www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate 
          Note: there is an option to say I will not donate - please click this after you leave them so that we know not to recontact them.
  5. Return your list with any notes and comments back to Hillsborough Libertarians either in person at the next meeting, via the mail to the address listed below, or via email to chair@HillsboroughLibertarians.org