We are looking forward to seeing you at the

Hillsborough Libertarian
Annual County Conference 
March 10, 2019 in Tampa, FL
4:30-8:30 pm  Potluck Social and LPHC Business meeting at a members' home and backyard 
Call to order for voting begins at 7:30 pm (on-line voting available via Zoom.us)

All Hillsborough County, FL Residents that are registered as Libertarian Voters are invited to join us for this IMPORTANT ANNUAL EVENT to grow friendships, discuss current political climate and brainstorm ways to promote liberty in Hillsborough County and within the state of FL reflecting constituents of Hillsborough County.

Suggested Donation of $5 for this event only or $36 for your annual donation. 
*Appreciation and Recognition of our prior years volunteers, activists and candidates.
*ELECT 2019-2020 Officers (Chair and Secretary)
*Building Community and Relationships
* Work towards our current LPHC Goals and Mission (see below)

1. Outreaching to educate the public on the Libertarian Platform
2. Building relationships within our LPHC Community to encourage participation.
3.Fundraising - annual dinner and encouraging annual donations of $36 to support our local Libertarian Party.
4. Seeking, vetting, and supporting candidates in strategic positions representing the residents of Hillsborough County.
5. Holding current elected officials accountable
6. Actively participating in political actions that resonate with Libertarian Party Principles.

Suggested Donation of $5 for this event only or $36 for your annual donation.
Donate at https://www.HillsboroughLibertarians.org/donate

All proceeds support our fundraising initiatives to promote our Positive and Practical Libertarian Principles as we continue to maintain and grow our local party, to support our activists on the street and defend our Libertarian principles at public meetings holding elected officials accountable, support our candidate searching and vetting process to prepare for the next local and state election, and all the overhead and legal cost associated with running a political party that CAN AND DOES make a DIFFERENCE.

Our overhead administrative cost for websites ($250), mailbox ($140), storage of booth supplies, books, signs, banners, etc ($500)  databases, newsletters, registration with the state, postcards and postage (for 2500+ Libertarians and 300k NPA voters), Facebook ads and radio spots, training our volunteer leaders ($60/person/year), and even basic office supplies is still very significant prior to renting an office, supporting any issues, paying for outreach booths at gun shows ($200 each) or other events ($150).   

*NOTE: These amounts are "guestemates" based on the voluntary contributions of only a few local Libertarians who have consistently paid for our expenses.  If we want to be a REAL POLITICAL PARTY and respond to the great blue wave that is washing over our county -
If only 1/2 of our Libertarians in Hillsborough County donated $36/year we could do so many amazing things. Will you help us make phone calls, knock on doors seeking volunteer participation or dollar donations from fellow Hillsborough Libertarians?   Contact Susan at SusanForLiberty@gmail.com to help today.   Thank you.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!
Suggested Donation of $5 for this event only or $36 for your annual donation.
Organizer: .[LPHC] Members
Creator: Created by: Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL