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Building small communities around similar interests throughout Hillsborough County in an effort to educate, motivate and activate libertarian minded individuals, promote fun and friendships, and positively make a difference where we live and work.   Current small communities include: 
Libertarian Labradors (membership/outreach),
LPHC S#!t Stirrers (Political Activists and protesters), 
Busy Beavers (behind the scenes with database, websites, social media, audio/visual,  etc)
Playful Otters (promoting socials, music, parties and other fun events)
Educational Outreach (book club, philosophy discussions, speakers)
Geezers' Group  (old timers BS-ing about politics over beer)

Which one(s) are YOU ?


The LPHC Community meets 
monthly on the 2nd Sundays
in the online LibertyRoom
(note: these meetings are recorded)

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