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Early voting has started in most states, so make sure to get-out-the-vote. Whether you are planning to vote early or on Election Day, don't forget to bring a friend with you. Now is the time, so get-out-the-vote!

Map and Voter Population at your local PRECINCTS.

Volunteers, please be strategic with your time, access the map on precincts in your area, pick the ones with the highest population of voters, and head to that polling place TUESDAY to give out Gary Johnson and LPHC voter guides.

Each Precinct has a 3 digit #. Find the numbered precinct on the map, cross check it against the list, and head out to the precinct with the highest voter population.

If you have Gary Johnson yard signs, pull them from your own yard and bring them to the polls.

Kevin and Susie, the Hillsborough and Central Florida GJ Coordinators have rack cards and stickers in abundance and can provide you all the hand-out materials you may need. Contact them at or .

Volunteers like yourselves are what make a difference in our communities. Thank you all.

Help get voters to the Polls

Already voted? You can still help! On Election Day, we'll need boots on the ground and friends on the phone. 

Join our team and call everyone you know to make sure the get-out-the-vote!

Don't believe everything the media says. Despite all their efforts to undermine our campaign, we keep getting stronger on the polls. We are up to 22% in New Mexico, 19% with independents nationwide, and rising in key battleground states.

We need YOU to help at the polls. It's easy:

  1. Find your local polling place. 
  2. Know the local campaign rules 
    CLICK HERE for a guide to the FL rules.
  3. And let's get out the vote!

Last case of Rack Cards arrive this week for door to door canvassing.  That is 1000 more cards to get to our neighborhoods.  Contact to coordinate pick up.

New to our team and want to help out with this and do not know how.   IT's SO EASY - Click here for directions and to download the app to your phone or device and start walking.

#BoycottDebate #LetGaryDebate #Debates2016   
Click the photo above to view the FB link - Watch the Twitter and participate with the twitter bombs while the others are throwing mud at each other  

At 6 pm on Monday night (9/26) as the first debate begins with out Gary, the Libertarian Party nominees, Gary Johnson and William Weld, will answer questions for a half-hour on Facebook Live, 30 or so miles away from where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be finalizing their debate prep.

Followed by the debate TWITTER BOMB

Monday Sept 26th, 2016, starting at 4:00PM ET to 8:00 pm ET

USE these Main Hashtags in every Post for Maximum Trending Potential

 #BoycottDebate #LetGaryDebate #Debates2016


Monday Sept 26th, 2016, starting at 4:00PM ET to 8:00pm ET
<-<<<< USE the Main Hashtags in every Post for Maximum Trending Potential>>>>

Main Hashtags will be #BoycottDebate #LetGaryDebate #Debates2016


1. Always include the hashtag #BoycottDebate in your tweets during the Twitter Bomb but it is okay to add others.

2. Schedule your tweets! Try Tweetdeck or Hootsuite Extremely important to trending. Activity on Twitter fluctuate heavily, tweeting live can cause some problems.

3. There is a list of sample tweets below! Ok to copy and schedule for the Twitter bomb.

4. Tweet as many times as possible! A tweet a minute, or 60 tweets an hour, is ideal. We will only trend by flooding Twitter with tweets using the #BoycottDebate hashtag.

5. Timing is absolutely crucial to trending on Twitter. We are creating a sudden upsurge of our hashtag. If you are Tweeting live, please plan to be ready at least ten minutes early. We need everyone to start posting at 4:00 PM ET or it won’t work!

6. Be aware of the time zone difference. We are holding this event starting at 4:00 PM ET!.

7. Make sure that your Twitter account is set to public so that your tweets count towards the trend.

8. If you are new to Twitter you will probably be limited in the number of tweets you can post, but any number helps. Please remember to post a profile picture on your account as it makes it appear more legitimate.

9. Confused? Search Twitter for #BoycottDebate " to find other people to retweet!

10. HAVE FUN!!! Engage with people who ask questions after the Twitter Bomb! Be KIND! Try to EMPATHIZE with those who don't know about Liberty yet! ;-)

"Operation Citizens Tsunami "
Who can help record the debate questions?  Let's get Gary and Jill and heck even Bernie answer the questions.... create our own video version of the debate (including ad breaks with Gary and Jill and even Bernie ads running). Post it on YouTube and go viral. We might get even more and better publicity doing it ourselves than being included in the "televised version".
Let "Operation Citizens Tsunami" waves begin to roll . . . .

"Alexandria – The Libertarian Party has formally requested that the General Services Administration (GSA) designate the 2016 Libertarian presidential nominees, Governor Gary Johnson and Governor William Weld, as "eligible candidates" under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 (PTA).

The designation, determined by GSA Administrator Denise Turner Roth, would entitle the Libertarian candidates to receive national security briefings, among other services and facilities.

Under the PTA, candidates may be deemed eligible provided that they:

(I) meet the requirements described in Article II, Section 1, of the United States Constitution for eligibility to the office of President;

(II) have qualified to appear on the ballots of a sufficient number of States such that the total number of electors appointed in those States is greater than 50 percent of the total number of electors appointed in all of the States; and

(III) have demonstrated a significant level of public support in national public opinion polls, so as to be realistically considered among the principal contenders for President or Vice-President of the United States.

Prior to 2010 this designation was customary and traditional. In 2010 these provisions were codified and the responsibility over them was given to the GSA to administer.

Libertarian Party candidates Gary Johnson and William Weld meet or exceed all of these requirements. They should therefore be deemed eligible under the PTA immediately, the letter states.

“The old party candidates have had access to security briefings for weeks now. Gary Johnson is a major party candidate, on every American’s ballot, and he needs access to the same information as his challengers so the American people can hear his take on a level playing field. I hope this was just an oversight on the part of the GSA, and this request will set things right in short order,” stated Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark.

Full text of the letter available  CLICK HERE

Gary Awareness at HempFest Oct 15-16

Wear your Gary Wear or a Lapel sticker and wonder thru the crowds in small groups sharing Gary information cards.

We will be attending as a group on Saturday afternoon between 3:30-6:30 pm. 

Sign Wave at USF v FSU
Football Game 9/24
10:30 - noon Sign Wave

We will be walking the sidewalks wearing Gary Gear and passing out FREE business cards with links to information about JohnsonWeld and how they can help.       MEET at MLK and Himes.

Volunteer Gathering
Dinner & Discussion

Weds Sept 14
 6:30 pm

 The Palms Lounge

15333 Amberly Dr Tampa,  33647

Nat'l Campaign $ 1 million NYC Money Bomb 
Contributed and ask for donations

September 10, 2016

Contribute to the National Campaigns
Sept 10th NYC Money Bomb to Flame  The Torch  of Liberty to 
$1 million towards the debate efforts and supporting our volunteers.

We  are having a blast with sign waves at football games, public events, even a small gathering at the Hillary Visits at the Fairgrounds and with the students on USF campus.  

Join us for our next scheduled sign wave - or grab a friend and create your own.  Send us a picture or post it on our FB Group.

Productive Work Day
Sept 10th, 2016

New shirts arrived - folded and sorted by sizes for door-to-door canvasers

Another case of Rack Cards came in for Central FL.   Hillsborough collected theirs and stickers them with our labels.

Downloaded end of August voters and sorted by party and precinct to replenish canvassers.

Pass out information about the Libertarian Candidate for the President of the US to all the active voters out voting during the August 30th Primary.

Bring your signs and stay outside of the markers - catching them walking on the way out is best - because our candidate is not on the primary ballot.

An Evening with the Governors
August 17, 2016
A wonderful evening was enjoyed in Miami FL. 
The governors met with the press, enjoyed 
intimate social time with VIP Donors ($1000+), shared their message from the stage and then answered questions from the audience before leaving for more interviews and an event the next day in Vegas.  THANK YOU Governor Gary Johnson and Governor Bill Weld for spending your evening with your Floridian supporters.

Behind the Scenes
with the Governors
August 17, 2016
A Few sneak peeks shots from behind the scenes with the governors while the people are arriving and being seated.A few sneak pictures from behind the VIP doors and reception room and press room.

The Governors even went outside to say hello to the many people who were unable to get into the already filled theater.

Guests Arrive for
Gary Johnson & Bill Weld
August 17, 2016
20 Press Passes, and 625 spectators equal an over capacity FIU Theatre.  There remained an additional 50+ people outside the doors that we simply did not have room for and regrettably had to turned away.  Both Governors were gracious and went out to speak with them before the event.

Volunteers Prepare
for JohnsonWeld FL Visit 

August 17, 2016

Over 40 volunteers traveled from all over the state of Florida to make this event possible.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the getting the word out, VIP Lounge, The Press Room, the Merchandising table, Volunteer Table, the Donation Table, the Stage and  Audience areas, for streaming the event for all to see.

Special Gratitude to
The Almazan Family

August 17, 2016

A special thank you goes out to Danielle and Alexander Almazan for helping to make this entire event possible at FIU with such short notice.  

Your family and friends are a true blessing to the Florida efforts for this campaign.

On The Scene during
Early Voting
August 16, 2016
Members and Supporters of Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County are busy meeting candidates and voters on the scenes at various Early Voting Locations. 

Some are ensuring our candidates signs are visible, others are passing out information, and Kevin is chatting with volunteers and candidates on the scene.   Watch additional videos by clicking on the button below.


Help get Gary in the Debates

These donations directly support the National Campaign and will be used to help get Gary in the Debates.

Call 15 local voters to seek a donation of $15.

                   If they say yes . . . 

Ask if they will call 15 voters and repeat what you just did.  It was easy.   It works.

Chalk the Walk
August 14 - 21

Take chalk and write words, draw pictures and get the message out on sidewalks and driveways in your neighborhood and any private place that will allow it.    The rains will come and wash it all away.      GREAT WAY TO INCLUDE KIDS and continue to spread the message this weekend.

2016 Restore Liberty Picnic

August 13, 2016

We had a great turn out and lots of fun at the Annual Summer Picnic.   Kids enjoyed games, dogs enjoyed showers, awards were given, and good food and great people were over flowing during the entire event.

Join the Letters to the Editor Campaign.
Sample Letters are already prepared or write you own.  

Decorate Your Vehicle and 
Caravan to the Liberty Picnic
August 11, 2016

Another fun, low cost and family friendly way to share the message of freedom and liberty as well as JohnsonWeld2016.  

Decorate your vehicle and meet us at the Seasons 52 parking lot on Saturday between 10:00 and 10:25am.  We will travel together across the Courtney Campbell Bridge to the Liberty Picnic 2016.

Occupy the Primary  Outreach
August 10, 2016
Local Libertarians are making themselves available throughout the state of FL on August 30th at precincts everywhere.  Volunteers are showing up for an hour or more to share FREE INFORMATION to voters as they participate in the Primary about the Libertarian Party and the Johnson Weld 2016 Campaign.
Central Florida for Gary Johnson
$15 ||  15% Challenge

August 09, 2016

This weekend the counties throughout Central Florida will be accepting the challenge to:

  1. Donate $15 to for their county supplies
  2. Call 15 fellow LPF voters* to invite them to donate $15 to this same site.
  3. Ask these same LPF registered voters if they are willing to have a lawn sign on their property, help pass out info at a precinct near them, or call another 15 LPF voters to do what we just did.

   * LPF voters are public information and available via your county supervisor of elections.

LPF Approves Support of JW2016

August  7, 2016

The LPF Executive Committee heard and approved two separate motions during their August 2016 Meeting.

The first was to authorize a subpage of the website to be used as the JohnsonWeld2016 Florida Headquarters site and provide a general ledger line that allows for donations and purchases for the Gary Johnson 2016 campaign within Florida.

The second motion approved was to authorize the donation of $1800 for the purchase and shipping of GJ2016 Rack Cards to be provided to each of the counties in FL for Operation Occupy the Primary and the remainder of the campaign.   Visit this new site today at 

Kevin O'Neill Accepts Hillsborough County Coordinator Position for JW2016
August 2, 2016

Kevin O'Neill, current Hillsborough County Chairperson, accepts the role of Hillsborough County Coordinator for the JohnsonWeld 2016 Campaign Team.   Kevin currently seeks City Leaders to assist with finding sign waving opportunities & local activities where we can share the Vote for Gary message.  He also seeks Precinct Captains to adopt a precinct & distribute supplies to volunteers at Operations Occupy the Primary & the Polls.
Volunteer or donate today

Successful and Fun Outreach
July 30, 2016

What do Kombucha, Craft Beer, and Libertarianism have in common?  A fun Saturday afternoon at The Windmill Taphouse in Brandon, FL.  LPHC welcomed 5 new Libertarians, 3 new members to the LPHC membership and enjoyed a wonderful lunch time event with fellow Libertarians.  Follow us for more great events at or on FB at

Outreach to Bernie Sanders Supporters throughout FL

July 18, 2016

Hillsborough County will be participating in the state wide movement to reach out to Bernie Sanders Supporters on the Saturday after the DNC "crowning of queen Hillary".   The Hillsborough Bern Recovery Center will be located at The Windmill Taphouse in Brandon, FL on Saturday July 30, 2016 between 11:00am - 2:00pm.  We wish to express our deep gratitude to Chuck Hormuth for sharing his facility with us for this fun and historical event.

Susan Stanley Accepts District 3 Manager Position for Central FL

July 12, 2016

Susan Stanley joins the Johnson Weld 2016 Florida Team as the District 3 Manager coordinating the counties across the state of Florida along the I-4 Corridor.  

She is currently seeking to fill the positions of County Coordinator for each of the following counties:  Brevard, Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Indian River, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk, Seminole and Sumter.  If you are interested in playing a key role within your county please contact Susan at    (813) 603-7403

Jess Mears Accepts State Director Position  JohnsonWeld2016 Team
July 11, 2016
Jess, who has worked on her own campaign in Ohio brings her campaign expertise to the FL State Team for the Johnson Weld 2016 campaign.  She is already actively building her organizational chart including state wide roles such as Major Donor Coordinator, Campaign Adviser, Field Campaign Manager, Events Director, Coalitions Director, Finance Director, Phone Banking Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator,  Communications Director, Occupy the Polls Director, and State District Managers to act as liaisons between the state level and the individual County Coordinators and will soon be seeking to fill a County Coordinator position for each county within the state of FL.   If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity, contact Jess today.    727-262-8061
Florida Kick-Off Meeting
July 10, 2016

Jo Ann Vaccarino welcomes over 50 volunteers to the FL Johnson Weld 2016 team. Jo Ann shared a bit about the campaign's strategy, opportunities to help, internal structure and support and even passed out some supplies of yard signs, rack cards, bumper stickers and buttons.  Many shared their enthusiasm for Johnson 2016.  More Photos on

Donate Locally For Johnson Weld
Support Efforts in Tampa Bay

You donations support the door-to-door canvassers, sign wavers, phone callers and promoting the message in a variety of ways.  
PLEASE donate $15 Today ! 
 Thank You !

Make Phone Calls

Call from your own cell anywhere or join a small group and have fun making calls together. (Scripts avail here)

  • Recruit Volunteer Calls
  • Volunteer Info Calls
  • Event Invitation & Building Calls
  • Polling Place Calls
  • Commit to Vote JohnsonWeld Calls
  • Persuassion Calls (undecided voters)
  • Get Out The Vote Calls

Door-to-Door Canvassing

We provide the list of friendly voters to speak to. We provide the training and the supplies.  You go with a friend to an area you chose and GET ACTIVE.
Click HERE for Door-to-Door Scripts

Do you enjoy writing?  BF McLaughlin coordinates our FL Letters to the Editors on behalf of this campaign.   CLICK HERE  for contact info, sample letters and examples of some that have already been published.

Petition Signatures for Gary to debate

Use your iPad or smart phone to gather signatures on the petition to let Gary Debate. It's easy.  Just walk your college campus, downtown in your city, or any public place you feel comforable.  Ask people if they would like to sign the petition to Let Gary Debate.  If they say no, politely thank them, if they say yes, enter (or have them enter) their name and email at.

Recruit Volunteers

Invite them to this site and click on the GET INVOLVED BUTTON
Recruit more volunteers to our efforts. * Gather Names, emails and cell phone numbers. Then send an email to with this information.  A volunteer will send them an email invitation with this same link.

* Call registered LPF Voters and ask them to support our JohnsonWeld Efforts here in Hillsborough FL by either donating, placing a yard sign, or volunteering.  
CLICK HERE for Talking Ideas

Questions ???

Contact our Central FL Johnson Weld 2016 Campaign Manager directly.

Susan Stanley, volunteer
(813) 603-7403  (google voice)

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