* This closed group is where internal votes and decisions are made affecting the official political party.  

Many Hillsborough Libertarian Activists groups are open to both Libertarian Voters and non-party affiliated libertarian thinkers.  You are welcome to participate in many activities and even take on some leadership roles.  In order to be a committee chair, have a seat on the executive committee or vote on official party matters you must be a member of the LPHC Party Members Only group.

|  The LPHC Party Members Only group is open to |  Hillsborough County Libertarian Voters [LPF] in |  good standing who agree to the NAP and have 
|  completed the membership form

The Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County FL chooses to practice Libertarian Principles in all our affairs.  As such there are no dues or fees for membership.  We do, however, have many expenses associated with maintaining a viable and competitive political party.  We request that each Libertarian contribute at least $3/month or $36/year to help us to maintain our local party, train our activists, seek and prepare candidates, impact policy at the local level, and distribute information to all Libertarian Voters in our county.  Please donate HERE today.  You may send it via US Postal service as well to the address below.  Please make your check payable to the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL and include the required information of your occupation and employer