Hillsborough Libertarian Members meet monthly on the second Sunday at 7:00 pm.   The meetings are held in an online conference call fashion such that every Libertarian in our large county can participate if they desire.

Libertarian voter [LPF] that is registered in Hillsborough County FL that are a member in good standing with the Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County, FL are encouraged to participate, present motions, comment, and vote on presented motions that affect the political party that they are a member of. 

To be a member in good standing your completed the membership form must be approved and you must have agreed to the LPHC Non-Aggression Principle within the past two years.

We encourage you to Donate monthly to the Hillsborough Libertarians between your water and electric bill.   It is amazing what can happen when even a portion of the over 2500 registered libertarians in our county give as little as $9/month. 

Be sure to REGISTER in advance for the next meeting.   Links are provided on the event calendar.