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US President & Vice President

Governor Gary Johnson
(NM) for President and Governor Bill Weld (MA) as Vice President make up the most qualified ticket of this election.

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US Senate Candidate
Stanton, Paul  (LPF) 
"Paul is committed to an agenda based on the principles of peace, individual freedom and a common sense-approach to taxes. As a Libertarian, he fully supports the platform of the Libertarian Party. As Senator, he will advance the principle of non-aggression, seeking to end the United States involvements in the Middle East and mitigating the harm we have already caused. Additionally, he advocates for an end to the “War on Drugs” and incarceration of users, and instead advocates for treatment and education for those who are addicted. He demands an overhaul of the federal tax system, where even those who are poor are still overburdened with taxes on the fruits of their labors through a 'War on the Poor.' "              * excerpt from